Monday, August 27, 2012

Online Marketing in Social Media

Promotion in social media is now an integral part of almost brand presence on the web.

One of the main objectives when working in social media - convert your readers into loyal customers and "advocates" brand. But social media - it's more communication, not selling.

Promotion strategy in social media should be built on a different plane. Remember the classic "funnel" of sales, when a potential customer is a certain way from the usual brand awareness to direct purchase. Each part of the "funnel" is important and has its value. So you can effectively integrate social media into communications process by offering their readers / subscribers are not final sale, but something more interesting and useful, which is a "transactional action" in the buying process.

Lay the buying process of your goods / services on the individual stages and select those in which you can conduct an effective dialogue with the social media. For example, if you sell cars, offer through their record for a test drive, if you are selling training courses, are invited to a free lesson if you implement electronics goods, promise a discount coupon, for a complex B2B-equipment records the number of downloads brochures and price sheets, etc.

 The many consumers looking for information on the Internet, and not rely on the advice consultant at the store, is growing steadily. Google has a new phenomenon dubbed zero moment of truth. For several years in the marketing dominates the concept that the key point in the decision to buy a product are the first seven seconds spent at the shelves with goods in a store. It was the first moment of truth.

But now the "magic shelf commodity" in most cases comes to naught, because the information available to us at a distance of a few clicks, for example, is already 70% of Americans before you buy a product, find information about it online. The fight for the attention of buyers and the location is now not on the website or on the trading floor, and the "neutral ground" - in thematic blogs, forums, resources, to compare different products, as well as in the pages of search engines and social networks. Therefore, we suggest including do work at these sites to provide sufficient information to people looking for right now information about you and your products.

New impetus to the development of e-commerce provides a smartphones. This smartphone user is always connected, it has access to any information at any time and in any place. This fact allows the manufacturer (advertisers) have constant access to their clients (potential and existing). The main task - to interest and activate the potential buyer.

Internet gives all users equal opportunities of communication. Generation «homo digital» open to dialogue and wants to feel on par with brands. Brands need to be prepared for this new format of communication for them.

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