Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gov and Edu Backlinks - Really Worth it?

Every SEO forum since the dawn of time Google has been debating the power of high authority links such as .Edu or .Gov links.

There are literally dozens of articles out there in the great wide web and every few months a different debate begins on how much these links actually effect your rankings.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hoster GoDaddy buys domain auction Afternic

One of the world's largest commercial hosting providers GoDaddy acquired Afternic from NameMedia. Now GoDaddy will develop a line of offerings for small businesses. This absorption is to GoDaddy 's fourth in the past 14 months.

The company also reported that acquires from NameMedia service domain parking service and SmartName Domain Name Generator NameFind. FINANCING side agreements are not publicly disclosed.

Afternic auction physically based in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, it provides opportunities for domain owners to sell them . Listing Afternic now has more than 5,000,000 domains , domain search system of monthly processes more than 75 million requests.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

LG Display shows quarterly results below expectations

Korean's company LG Display, the world's second largest manufacturer of LCD panels, today announced the receipt of net profit in the second quarter, which was worse than expected amid slowing spending users on mobile devices, PC monitors and TVs.

Net income, net of a number of articles in operating expenses amounted to 105.7 billion Korean won, or $ 94 million for the period April to June this year. A year earlier, the company had a loss of 111.2 billion won. Analysts expect from LG Display profit of 205.9 billion won.

James Jeng, chief financial officer, said that while LG Display nedotyagivaet to the desired speed on the background of falling sales in the most profitable areas - the industry's large-format televisions, high-end mobile devices, and a number of other areas. He also noted that the company does not expect significant breakthroughs in sales in the current year as the global economy does not yet have to do this.

Discover Some Great Benefits From Video Conferencing

Based on some conversations with many resellers, analysts, or customers, people find that there are some benefits of the video conferencing. Here are some top benefits offered by the video conferencing for most organizations.

a. Decrease travel cost

There are many business trips that can be eliminated by using the video conferencing technology. Business trip can be one of the biggest cost that every business should spend. With the development of new video conferencing technology, people can use this technology to interact each other. They can share some contents from one place to another one easily. Travel cost reduction is one benefit offered by the development of video conferencing technology. Many people believe that this video conferencing investment can be a good way to improve their ROI (return on investment) by reducing their overall costs. Many business owners also realize that the travel expenses may be higher than the investment for purchasing the video conferencing technology in their offices.

The number of Internet users in China reached 591 million people

As of the end of June this year, the number of Internet users in China reached 591 million, that 26,560,000 people more than at the end of last year. Including the number of Internet users who use the network to access the mobile phones amounted to 464 million, or 78.5% of the total number of Internet users.

In the latest "Statistical bulletin on the state of development of the Internet in China", is already in the 32 th time published by the China Network Information Center, said that as of the end of June, the number of IPv4 addresses in China reached 331 million, while the number of individuals with IPv6 addresses increased by 16.5% compared to the same period last year, according to the index, China came in second place in the world. The country enrollment ratio reached 44.1% of the Internet, which is 2 percentage points higher than the end of 2012.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baidu to buy company 91 Wireless for $1.9 billion

Chinese Internet search engine Baidu today announced the purchase of a local distributor of mobile applications 91 Wireless for $ 1.9 billion. The acquisition of Baidu - it is the largest expansion of its presence in the fast growing mobile market of Asia.

Beijing Baidu announced today that pays $ 1.9 billion for 57% of 91 Wireless Websoft. Last belongs to a large holding company NetDragon Websoft, the Chinese developer of computer games. Bought by the company today operates two distribution platforms in China - 91 Assistant and HiMarket. In total, these two directories users have downloaded more than 10 billion mobile application that makes this company the largest independent vendor of mobile software.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Twitter, Google+ and Facebook: effective Marketing Tools

Using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as effective Social Media Marketing Tools

Social internet marketing has rapidly become probably the most popular strategies by which businesses not just market their business but additionally connect to both current in addition to prospective customers in an ideal way, thus, increasing profits.

Social media marketing is the action of using social networking, especially social networks to promote a business or company. It's not uncommon nowadays for each company and brand to possess a social media site profile. Probably the most common ones include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Listed here are ways that these 3 major websites might help your organization grow and along with ensure maximum visibility.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

IT Business News Today July 3, 2013

YouTube has signed a licensing agreement with Vevo

Portal YouTube has extended an agreement with the service Vevo, delivering record video clips on the popular video hosting.

As part of the agreement signed Google and Vevo, the first investment will support the musical project. By estimates of the magazine Billboard, the size of the support will be 40-50 million dollars.

Recall that Vevo is a joint venture between the companies Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Abu Dhabi Media Group. The official size of the investment was not disclosed.

"We have made some investment in Vevo", - stated in YouTube. "We are delighted with the prospects that can provide Vevo and YouTube co-user audience."

Monday, July 01, 2013

United States blocked more than 1,600 illegal online pharmacies

The Office of the Food and Drug Administration said last week that they in conjunction with the FBI and the police conducted a raid on the internet following which was closed more than 1,600 online pharmacies, trading counterfeit medicines, non-certified supplements and anabolic steroids.

It is reported that all pharmacies have been linked to a number of very large networks that operated in nearly a hundred countries.

In a statement, the U.S. Drug and Food Minister said that prior to the surgery for a long time they were the operators of online pharmacies and recorded more than 8,000 cases of sale of drugs without a prescription. 

During the operation it was found that many online pharmacies operating under the infamous network of Canadian Pharmacy, against which previously has been repeatedly conducted similar operations.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

BlackBerry shares fall 28% on weak sales

Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones on Friday after the close of the U.S. trading session, posted quarterly results were significantly worse than market expectations, triggering a massive sell securities of the company and the BlackBerry shares drop of 27.76%.

Along with the disappointing results of the quarter, the company said on the complete cessation of production of its Internet Tablet Playbook, which has not found a buyer in the market.

According to the company, the new devices based on BlackBerry OS 10 is not sold as good as might be desired to investors and shareholders. In the reporting quarter, has sold 6.8 million BlackBerry smartphones, versus 7.8 million a year earlier. This number includes vehicles running on the basis of the old versions of operating systems. As for the new smart phones based on BB10, their number does not exceed 2.7 million units.

Analysts say the BlackBerry 10 system is critical to the company, the new devices based on this platform began to be sold at the beginning of this year. Two smartphone BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 received good reviews from critics, but the widespread popularity, they still have not received it. In addition, in some markets the company began selling new items with a delay, which also benefited from its revenues. The latest quarterly figures show that even after normalization of supply devices do not enjoy the support of a substantial market.